Distribution/Courier Deliveries in and around Winnipeg

Distribution/Courier Deliveries in and around Winnipeg

Using our Customer Portal is as easy as 123.

Once you have received your login information and enter into the web portal. You will have access to Order Entry, Tracking, Invoices and other functions.

Once everything has been entered it is just as easy as hitting the Submit Order Button. At this point your mind will be at ease that the delivery will be completed.

No freight is too small. We can help you out with anything you need to get moved within the City. If you have deliveries that need to be done daily we can set you up as a distribution client. We will make sure that all the freight is delivered. If you have freight or packages that needs to move out we have drivers on standby to give you a hand.

If, for whatever reason, you are not able to use our Customer Portal, you can send us an email with all of the delivery information and we will take care of it.

How to Enter your Order in on our Web Portal

Please find the link to the Web Portal here!
(Will open new tab so this tab is saved!)

Once you have your Account information, you will be able to log into your Web Portal.

When you have logged into your account you will see this page:

Now you will click on the Order Entry Box. And you will now see this:

The Collection location is where you would enter where the shipment is being picked up from. 

The Delivery Location section is where you will enter in the address for where the shipment is going to.

In the Service section you will decide on the Level of Service needed for your shipment.

Depending on the type of services, will depend on what the pricing is. We can tailor our Service Levels to your individual needs.

In the Description section, you will enter in all of the information for the shipment. Please fill out a Description of the shipment in as much detail as possible. Once everything has been entered all that is left to do is to hit the Submit Order Now button and that order is complete.

The address book will be filled out as you enter orders, or with a little bit of data entry you can enter all of your regular customers into the address book which will make order entry easier and quicker in the future.

Let’s open you an account!